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Michael Rother and his music in the media - update
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The Quietus, review by Daniel Dylan Wray of Synästhesie Festival, Berlin on Synästhesie 2019, review by Will Macmaster of Synästhesie Festival, Berlin, interview with Michael Rother @ MOCAM in Moscow
Synästhesie,...  Read more

(created: 05/12/2019 )

Concert in Italy
Michael Rother will come to Italy on December 26th 2019 for a live performance at Dancity Festival. Hans Lampe (La Duesseldorf/drums) and Franz Bargmann (guitar) accompany Rother in Foligno.

(created: 07/11/2019 )

Michael Rother in Cologne / Jaki Liebezeit
A Book Launch Party of Jono Podmore´s book "Jaki Liebezeit - Life, Theory and Practise of a Master Drummer" will be held @ Stadtgarten, Cologne, on 08 November 2019. Michael Rother and other musicians...  Read more

(created: 30/10/2019 )

Concert at Synästhesie Festival 2019 / new date!
Michael Rother is confirmed to return to Berlin for a concert at Synästhesie Festival on 16 November 2019, alongside Stereolab, Deerhunter and many other bands. Michael Rother will present tracks of NEU!...  Read more

(created: 16/10/2019 )

Concerts in Russia
Michael Rother is coming to Russia for 2 concerts in August 2019. Hans Lampe (drums) and Franz Bargmann (guitar) will accompany Michael Rother who will present a selection of music by NEU!, Harmonia and...  Read more

(created: 09/08/2019 )

Guitar Workshop in Moscow
Franz Bargmann and Michael Rother will do a Guitar Workshop @ IMI (Institute of Music Initiatives) in Moscow on 28 August 2019. Looking forward to meeting Russian musicians there!

(created: 09/08/2019 )

Flammende Herzen, Sterntaler, Katzenmusik and Fernwaerme
On 21 June 2019 Michael Rother´s first four solo albums will be out as individual LPs and CDs on Groenland Records. Pre-orders for the albums Flammende Herzen, Sterntaler, Katzenmusik and Fernwaerme are possible in the online...  Read more

(created: 09/05/2019 )

Michael Rother concert at Jazz Café London
On 04 September 2019, Michael Rother will return to London for a concert @ Jazz Café. Tickets are available here. More information coming soon.

(created: 12/04/2019 )

20 years of Groenland Records
The Berlin based label Groenland Records will celebrate its 20th anniversary on October 3rd and 4th 2019 with short sets of numerous Groenland artists and bands at Festsaal Kreuzberg, Berlin. Michael Rother is confirmed...  Read more

(created: 05/04/2019 )

Concert in Manchester, U.K.
On 09 September 2019, Michael Rother will return to Manchester, U.K. for a concert @ Gorilla. Tickets are now available here. More information coming soon.

(created: 29/03/2019 )

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