Michael Rother, Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Moebius come together for the first live appearance of Harmonia since 1976. They perform in Berlin in the "House of World Cultures" on 27th November 2007 on the opening night of the Worldtronics Festival. The HoWC choir directed by Barabara Morgenstern joins them on stage for three songs.
In November Rother & Moebius do 7 concerts in UK and Germany. Michael Rother and Dieter Moebius play in Oxford at the festival Audioscope07, in Bristol/The Croft, Frankfurt/Sinkkasten, Jena/Rosenkeller, Oberhausen/Zentrum Altenberg, Bonn/Harmonie and Twist/Heimathaus.
In October release of the new Harmonia album "Live 1974" in Europe on cd and vinyl on the label Gronland. The five tracks of the album were recorded at a Harmonia concert on 23rd March 1974 in the Penny Station club in Griessem, Germany, and are now made available for the public for the first time ever.
On 01 July Michael Rother jams with the Red Hot Chili Peppers at the finale of their concert in Hamburg. John Frusciante, Flea, Chad Smith and Michael Rother are joined on stage by Josh Klinghoffer.
Rother & Moebius concerts in Bevern/Germany in August and at the „Avantgarde Festival” in Schiphorst/Germany in September.
Rother & Moebius come to Italy for two concerts in August. They perform in Urbino at the festival „Frequenze Disturbate“ and in Castelbuono on Sicily at the „Ypsigrock“ festival.
UK tour of Rother & Moebius in July. Seven concerts in Hebden Bridge (Picture House/Arts Festival), Edinburgh (Cabaret Voltaire), Glasgow (Mono), Colchester (Arts Centre), Brighton (Komedia), London (ICA/Institute of Contemporary Arts) and Birmingham (Supersonic-Festival 2006).
Rother & Moebius concert at the FZW in Dortmund/Germany in June.
Michael Rother concert at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City in March. Benjamin Curtis on guitar and Josh Klinghoffer on drums accompany Michael Rother for their first concert in this line-up in the USA.
Michael Rother concert at the ATP festival (All Tomorrow´s Parties) in Camber Sands, UK, in December. Benjamin Curtis (The Secret Machines) on guitar and Josh Klinghoffer on drums accompany Michael Rother at this edition of the festival which is curated by The Mars Volta.
Rother & Moebius concerts in Stavanger/Norway at the "NuMusic" festival (August), in Lille/France at the festival „Les Chants Mécaniques/Audioframes“ and in Brussels in the VK Club (September) as well as at the „LEM“ festival in Barcelona/Spain (October).
Rother & Moebius concerts in London/UK at the Ether festival (March), in Lyon/France at the festival "Nuits Sonores" (May), in Birmingham at “Supersonic” (July). Their concert at “Supersonic 2005” was terminated 10 minutes into the show because of a bomb threat and the evacuation of Birmingham´s city center.
Michael Rother and Dieter Moebius come for six concerts on their first tour to Italy. They perform as Rother & Moebius in Brescia, Torino, Roma, Bologna, Forlí and Marina di Massa.
In December Michael Rother joins The Secret Machines (Benjamin and Brandon Curtis, Josh Garza) during their concert at "Knust" in Hamburg for the second time on stage.
Re-release on cd of Harmonia´s album "Deluxe". The original recordings of 1975 were digitally remastered for a significantly improved sound compared to previous cd releases. The new version of Harmonia´s second album features historic photos of Michael Rother, Dieter Moebius and Hans-Joachim Roedelius made available for the first time as well as liner notes on Harmonia written by Asmus Tietchens.
John Frusciante (Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Josh Klinghoffer join Michael Rother for two concerts in the USA. They perform tracks from Michael Rother´s solo albums some of which have never before been performed live (i.e. "Flammende Herzen" and "Sterntaler") at the "Great Amercian Music Hall" in San Francisco and at the "Knitting Factory" in Los Angeles. Arte tv shows footage of the concert in L.A. and an interview with the musicians in "Tracks".
First live appearance in Germany of The Secret Machines from New York City. Michael Rother joins the band on stage in Hamburg for three songs without prior rehearsals. Benjamin and Brandon Curtis, Josh Garza and Michael Rother i.e. perform "Nowhere Again", a track from TSM´s first album, and a new version of Harmonia´s track from 1975 "Deluxe / Immer wieder".
Release of Michael Rother´s ninth solo album called „Remember [The Great Adventure]“. Collaborateurs on the album are Sophie Williams/Mrs Pilgrimm, Asmus Tietchens, Herbert Groenemeyer, Andi Toma, Thomas Beckmann and Jake Mandell.
Re-release of Harmonia´s first album „Musik von Harmonia“ on cd and vinyl. The cd version has a booklet with previously unpublished historic photos of Harmonia and liner notes by Asmus Tietchens.
Premiere of Quentin Tarantino´s film „Kill Bill“ (Part 1) and release of the soundtrack, both featuring excerpts of NEU!´s track „Super 16“ from the album NEU! "2".
First meeting of Michael Rother and John Frusciante. Jam Session with the Red Hot Chili Peppers joined by Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (The Mars Volta) at the RHCP concert in Hamburg.
Collaboration with German musician Asmus Tietchens who invites Rother to participate in his vinyl album project "Tollhaus Aroma Club". Rother uses basic recordings by Tietchens for his new track „Aroma Club B3“ featured in two slightly differing versions on Tietchens´ compilation and on Rother´s 2004 album "Remember [The Great Adventure]".
Michael Rother performs live together with Air Liquide, FM Einheit and Helmut Zerlett at the "Electricity Festival" in Saarbruecken.
Several live shows with Air Liquide and FM Einheit (ex Einstuerzende Neubauten) in Cologne at the "Ende - Neu" closing show of the Josef-Haubrich art museum as well as at the "Electro Bunker" Open Air Festival during the Popkomm Music Fair and at the “Fabrik” in Hamburg.
Live appearance together with Dieter Moebius at the music & theatre festival "Forstival".
Rother & Moebius concert at the Genoa-Benefiz festival in Oberhausen.
Release of a ´98 live version of Rother´s track "Wolkenwelt" performed by Rother/ Moebius/Beckmann on the compilation "Hidden Treasures/the fourth dimension".
Release of the three NEU albums on cd and vinyl in Germany and UK (EMI), USA (Astralwerks), Japan (in July on EMI/Toshiba and later on P-Vine Records) and in numerous other countries.

The song "Rueckstossgondoliero" performed by Florian Schneider/Klaus Dinger/Michael Rother as "Kraftwerk" in their 1971 tv appearance in "Beat Club" is released on DVD.
Re-mastering of the three NEU! albums by Tim Young with active participation by NEU! and Herbert Groenemeyer at the Metropolis Studio, London.
Rother & Moebius appear in London at the "Music for the 3rd Millennium" festival in October. A live recording of Rother´s song "Esperanza" is released on the compilation "Music for the 3rd Millenium, Vol. 2".
Photo session of Anton Corbijn with NEU!.
A contract is concluded between NEU! and Groenland, smoothing the way for the re-release of the three "classic" NEU! albums on Herbert Groenemeyer's label.
Rother & Moebius do a tour with 16 concerts in Germany and to London, England. They are supported by „Dead Voices On Air“ from Canada.
Japan tour as Rother & Moebius with four concerts in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto.
Herbert Groenemeyer's compilation "POP 2000" features Rother's song "Flammende Herzen" as well as "Hallogallo" and "Hero", two NEU! songs legally available on CD for the first time.
First meeting of Michael Rother and German musican/artist Herbert Groenemeyer. Rother records vocals by Groenemeyer for his solo album in his studio in Forst.
Video shooting („Toujours la femme“) with Olaf Wipperfuerth in Paris.
In October and November, Rother & Moebius tour the USA and Canada.
In September, first live appearance by Michael Rother after 22 years of absence from the stage at "Komm '98" in Düsseldorf in the line-up Rother/Moebius/Beckmann.
Involvement in the EMI project "L.M.O." (artists for landmine victims). Rother contributes two new songs to the charity project: "Buzzing Sound" and "Turbo".
The album "Tracks & Traces" by Harmonia 76 is nominated for the AFIM Indie Award in the USA.
Album project "A Homage to NEU!“ by international musicians. Rother's new song "Neutronics 98" for this compilation is his "tribute to Conny Plank".
Release of the album "Tracks & Traces" by "Harmonia 76", the group project of Roedelius, Moebius, Rother and Eno featuring recordings from their sessions in 1976.
First production phase of the ninth solo album (finally to be released in 2004). Rother records vocals by English singer/musician Sophie Williams/Mrs Pilgrimm in his studio in Hamburg.
Involvement in the "Phase 2" theatre project initiated by the Japanese artist Noritoshi Hirakawa at Frankfurt's Theater am Turm (Das TAT). Rother appears as a "street musician".
Production of a video clip to the track "Silver Sands" together with Thomas Beckmann.
Release of the eighth solo album "Esperanza".
1993 - 1994
Foundation of the label "Random Records" and release of Michael Rother´s back catalogue with a total of 25 new songs from 1988 to 1992.
1992 - 1993
Remix projects with Joachim Rudolph, J. of Barcelona and Fischerman´s Friend.
Involvement in the project "Station 17", in which residents of the Alsterdorfer Anstalten, Hamburg, made music with professional musicians. Rother's contribution to the first "Station 17" album was the song "Morning Sun".
1988 - 1992
Recordings for two unfinished solo albums. The songs were released in 1993 and 1994 as bonus tracks on the seven original albums and the compilation "Radio".
Release of the seventh solo album "Traumreisen".
Recording sessions for the fourth NEU! album with Klaus Dinger. The material was released in Japan by Klaus Dinger in an illegal version in 1995 along with a cassette tape recording of a NEU! rehearsal for concerts in 1972 which was never meant to be released by Rother.
Two video clips are shot for the tracks "Suessherz" and "Glitzerglanz".
Release of the sixth solo album "Suessherz und Tiefenschaerfe".
Release of the fifth solo album "Lust", the first album Michael Rother produced and performed completely on his own and introducing the Fairlight Music Computer.
Release of the fourth solo album "Fernwaerme". Produced by Michael Rother and with Jaki Liebezeit on drums.
1980 - 1981
Film and stage music, i.e. for Lessing's "Minna von Barnhelm", directed by Hans-Guenter
Heyme at the Staatstheater in Stuttgart.
1979 - 1980
Michael Rother installs his own music studio in Forst by the river Weser.
Release of the third solo album "Katzenmusik" - once again co-produced by Conny Plank and featuring Jaki Liebezeit on drums.
1978 - 1979
Voted "Musician of the Year" (national) in 1978 and 1979 by the readers of Germany´s leading music magazine "Sounds".
Release of the second solo album "Sterntaler" which, just like “Flammende Herzen”, was recorded in a collaboration with Conny Plank and Jaki Liebezeit .
Premiere at the film festival "Berlinale" in Berlin of the feature film "Flammende Herzen", a movie shot to Rother's music. The film was directed by Walter Bockmayer and Rolf Buehrmann ("Jane bleibt Jane", "Looping", "Geierwally") and was awarded the Silver Bear at the Berlinale.
David Bowie invites Rother to join him and Brian Eno in Berlin for the recordings for his new album "Heroes". The collaboration does not take place due to a misunderstanding on the side of Bowie´s management.
Release of the first solo album "Flammende Herzen" which was recorded with Jaki Liebezeit („Can“) on drums and co-produced by Conny Plank.
Recording sessions with Brian Eno in Harmonia´s studio in Forst by the river Weser. The material was released in 1997 on the album „Tracks & Traces“ under the project name "Harmonia 76".
1973 - 1976
"Harmonia". Band project of Michael Rother, Dieter Moebius and Hans-Joachim Roedelius. Two album releases, the second album "Deluxe" was co-produced by Conny Plank and features Mani Neumaier ("Guru Guru") on drums. Several tours in Germany and other countries in Europe.
1971 - 1975
"NEU!“, Michael Rother´s band project with Klaus Dinger. Three album releases and one single co-produced with Conny Plank.
Member of "Kraftwerk". Concerts and tv appearances (incl. "Beat Club", released on DVD in 2001) in the line-up Florian Schneider/ Klaus Dinger/Michael Rother. Unfinished recording sessions for the second Kraftwerk album with Conny Plank as co-producer. The recordings so far have not been released.
1969 - 1971
Civilian service at the St. Alexius hospital, Neuss.
1965 - 1971
Guitarist in the band "Spirits of Sound", Duesseldorf. For a time, the SoS also included Wolfgang Riechmann ("Wunderbar", 1978) and Wolfgang Fluer (later "Kraftwerk").
Michael Rother grew up and went to school in Munich, Wilmslow/England and Karachi/Pakistan - A-levels (Abitur) in Duesseldorf.
02.09.1950 born in Hamburg.