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Michael Rother live premiere in Portugal
Michael Rother´s first ever concert in Portugal is confirmed for July 25th 2015 at Milhões de Festa in Barcelos, Braga, where he will present his live project "Michael Rother plays NEU!, Harmonia and solo works". He is joined by Hans Lampe (drums/La Düsseldorf, Franz Bargmann (guitar/ex Camera) and Anika (vox & guitar).

Read an article in The Quietus. More news will follow shortly.

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The film "Die Räuber" (The Robbers) coming in German cinemas
Starting on March 19th 2015, the film "Die Räuber" ("The Robbers") by Paul Cruchten and Frank Hoffmann, featuring a score by Michael Rother, will be shown in German cinemas. The film noire, loosely based on Friedrich Schillers classic piece, also features the late Maximilian Schell in his last performance.

Information on the cast and production plus an interview with Pol Cruchten and Frank Hoffmann are to be found on the movie´s website "Die Räuber"

Read a review (in German language) in

The official trailer:

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Michael Rother-Remix of a track by "Boxed In"
Michael Rother´s Remix of the track "All Your Love Is Gone" by "Boxed In" is now available for streaming on Stereogum. The track was written by Oli Bayston. The remix features guitars played by Michael Rother and will be out on Nettwerk together with the original track on the single "All Your Love Is Gone" on 27 January 2015.

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Video clip with Interview and footage of Beijing concert
VICE China has now uploaded an interview with Michael Rother and footage of his concert in Beijing, China, on 11 December 2014. Music: "Hallogallo" and "Neuschnee" (NEU!), written by Klaus Dinger/Michael Rother. Performed live by Michael Rother, Hans Lampe and Franz Bargmann: NOISEY - Meets Michael Rother.

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"Die Räuber" - New feature film with a score by Michael Rother
The film "Die Räuber" (The Robbers), directed by Frank Hoffmann and Pol Cruchten, features a score by Michael Rother and will be premiered at the opening night of the film festival Max Ophüls Preis in Saarbrücken, Germany, on 19 January 2015.

The famous actor/director/producer Maximilian Schell who passed away in 2014 is seen here in his last film performance.

Information provided by the film festival (in German).

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