"Bitter Tang" video
On August 21st 2020, the video by Thomas Beckmann to the track Bitter Tang from my new album Dreaming will be premiered at Grönland Records.

(created: 03/08/2020 )

World premiere of my new album on BBC Radio 6Music
On August 21st 2020, Iggy Pop will present my new album Dreaming in his show Iggy Confidential in a radio exclusive at BBC Radio 6Music .

(created: 03/08/2020 )

New Michael Rother album "Dreaming" and 7-CD boxset "Solo 2"
I´m very happy to announce the release of my new album Dreaming and the 7-CD boxset "Michael Rother - Solo 2" with Groenland Records on September 4th 2020.
The CD-boxset will...  Read more

(created: 02/08/2020 )

Michael Rother on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube
For more information also see Michael Rother´s official pages:
Facebook - band page
Facebook - private profile
Michael Rother´s YouTube-Channel

(created: 28/07/2020 )

Concert at Union Chapel, London, U.K. / postponed due to Coronavirus pandemic
** A new date will be announced shortly ** Michael Rother will come to London, U.K., for a concert on September 17th 2020: "Michael Rother & Damo Suzuki @ Union Chapel". Together with...  Read more

(created: 27/07/2020 )

Michael Rother and his music in the media - update
In English:
NEU!´s Michael Rother remembers Kraftwerk´s Florian Schneider
The Quietus, review by Daniel Dylan Wray of Synästhesie Festival, Berlin
Stereogum.com on Synästhesie 2019
Indieberlin.de, review by Will Macmaster of Synästhesie Festival, Berlin
tvkultura.ru,...  Read more

(created: 19/06/2020 )

Concert in Copenhagen / postponed due to Coronavirus pandemic!
Michael Rother is confirmed to play @ DR Koncerthuset in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 30 May 2020 on a double bill with the band Einstürzende Neubauten. Hans Lampe (La Düsseldorf/drums) and Franz Bargmann (guitar) will...  Read more

(created: 20/05/2020 )

Concert in Austria
Michael Rother is coming to Austria on 08 March 2020 to perform at the Elevate Festival in Graz. Hans Lampe (drums) and Franz Bargmann (guitar) will join him. Also on the bill...  Read more

(created: 21/12/2019 )

Concert in Italy
Michael Rother will come to Italy on December 26th 2019 for a live performance at Dancity Festival. Hans Lampe (La Duesseldorf/drums) and Franz Bargmann (guitar) accompany Rother in Foligno.

(created: 07/11/2019 )

Michael Rother in Cologne / Jaki Liebezeit
A Book Launch Party of Jono Podmore´s book "Jaki Liebezeit - Life, Theory and Practise of a Master Drummer" will be held @ Stadtgarten, Cologne, on 08 November 2019. Michael Rother and other musicians...  Read more

(created: 30/10/2019 )

Concert at Synästhesie Festival 2019 / new date!
Michael Rother is confirmed to return to Berlin for a concert at Synästhesie Festival on 16 November 2019, alongside Stereolab, Deerhunter and many other bands. Michael Rother will present tracks of NEU!...  Read more

(created: 16/10/2019 )

Concerts in Russia
Michael Rother is coming to Russia for 2 concerts in August 2019. Hans Lampe (drums) and Franz Bargmann (guitar) will accompany Michael Rother who will present a selection of music by NEU!, Harmonia and...  Read more

(created: 09/08/2019 )

Guitar Workshop in Moscow
Franz Bargmann and Michael Rother will do a Guitar Workshop @ IMI (Institute of Music Initiatives) in Moscow on 28 August 2019. Looking forward to meeting Russian musicians there!

(created: 09/08/2019 )

Flammende Herzen, Sterntaler, Katzenmusik and Fernwaerme
On 21 June 2019 Michael Rother´s first four solo albums will be out as individual LPs and CDs on Groenland Records. Pre-orders for the albums Flammende Herzen, Sterntaler, Katzenmusik and Fernwaerme are possible in the online...  Read more

(created: 09/05/2019 )

Concert in Liège, Belgium
Michael Rother is confirmed to play at Le Micro Festival #10 in Liège, Belgium, on 01 August 2019. More infos soon.

(created: 04/05/2019 )

Michael Rother concert at Jazz Café London
On 04 September 2019, Michael Rother will return to London for a concert @ Jazz Café. Tickets are available here. More information coming soon.

(created: 12/04/2019 )

20 years of Groenland Records
The Berlin based label Groenland Records will celebrate its 20th anniversary on October 3rd and 4th 2019 with short sets of numerous Groenland artists and bands at Festsaal Kreuzberg, Berlin. Michael Rother is confirmed...  Read more

(created: 05/04/2019 )

Concert in Manchester, U.K.
On 09 September 2019, Michael Rother will return to Manchester, U.K. for a concert @ Gorilla. Tickets are now available here. More information coming soon.

(created: 29/03/2019 )

Michael Rother concert in Finland
On 27 July 2019, Michael Rother will perform at the Ilmiö Festival in Turku, Finland. Tickets are available here. More information coming soon.

(created: 25/02/2019 )

Concert in Glasgow, UK
Michael Rother will return to Glasgow on 06 September 2019 and play at the venue QMU (Queen Margaret Union). Tickets are available here.

(created: 24/02/2019 )

Concert in Paris on 20 April 2019
Michael Rother will play in Paris, France, on 20 April 2019 @ Gonzai Night at the venue La Maroquinerie.

(created: 15/02/2019 )

Album Sterntaler live premiere in London
Michael Rother will return to London, UK, on 05 April 2019 and perform his entire solo album Sterntaler for the very first time ever at Under The Bridge. Hans Lampe (drums), Franz Bargmann (guitar)...  Read more

(created: 04/02/2019 )

Michael Rother boxset "Solo"
The vinyl and CD boxset "Michael Rother - Solo" will be released in collaboration with Groenland Records on 22 February 2019.

The vinyl version of the boxset will contain the original and digitally remastered albums...  Read more

(created: 04/12/2018 )

Concert in London, UK, in January 2019
Michael Rother returns to London, UK, to play at the Label Mates Festival on 26 January 2019. He will be accompanied by Hans Lampe (drums) and Franz Bargmann (guitar). Tickets are avialable here....  Read more

(created: 09/11/2018 )

Michael Rother concert in Bochum on 27 Oct. 2018
Michael Rother will join other artists and bands for a concert at Ritournelle 2018, a festival taking place at Schauspielhaus Bochum on 27 October 2017. Hans Lampe and Franz Bargmann accompany Michael Rother at Ritournelle...  Read more

(created: 30/09/2018 )

Artist Talk with Michael Rother in Bochum, Germany
On 09 October 2018, Michael Rother will come to Folkwang Universität der Künste - Institut für Populäre Musik in Bochum, Germany, for a public (Artist Talk). Address: Prinz-Regent-Str. 50-60, 44795 Bochum. Entrance is free. The event starts at 18:00.

(created: 29/09/2018 )

Michael Rother concert in Bevern / SOLD OUT
On 18th August 2018, Michael Rother will play an open air concert in the castle in Bevern, Lower Saxony, Germany. Hans Lampe (drums) and Franz Bargmann (guitar) will accompany Michael Rother at this special...  Read more

(created: 17/08/2018 )

Michael Rother live @ Edinburgh International Festival 2018
Michael Rother will return to Edinburgh, UK, and perform @ the Edinburgh International Festivals on 12th August 2018, alongside Fire Engines and Lydia Lunch. More infos coming soon.

(created: 02/05/2018 )

Michael Rother @SonosStories in Berlin
On April 12th 2018, Michael Rother will be at Sonos Stores Berlin sharing his personal stories inspired by @davidbowie alongside Tony Visconti, Alison Goldfrapp, Gudrun Gut + Thomas Venker. Sign up for tickets here #SonosStories.

(created: 24/03/2018 )

Feature film "The Robbers" with music by Michael Rother
The feature film „Die Räuber (The Robbers)" by Frank Hoffmann and Pol Cruchten, based on a drama by Friedrich Schiller and featuring a score by Michael Rother, will be screened by...  Read more

(created: 03/01/2018 )

Jaki Liebezeit - A Tribute
Michael Rother is confirmed to participate at „Jaki Liebezeit – A Tribute“ in Cologne, Germany, on 22 January 2018 at Philharmonie Köln where he will jam with a number of musicians and former collaborators...  Read more

(created: 23/12/2017 )

Michael Rother concert in Aarhus, Denmark
Michael Rother is confirmed to play in Aarhus, Denmark, on 09 Dec 2017. At "2017 Finale - Aarhus City Town Hall", an event celebrating the end of the year in which Aarhus was the...  Read more

(created: 10/11/2017 )

Mexico tour in October 2017 / Update
Michael Rother is coming to Mexico in October 2017 for a string of concerts in several cities where he will present tracks by NEU!, Harmonia as well as Solo Works. Hans Lampe (La Duesseldorf/drums) and...  Read more

(created: 08/10/2017 )

Michael Rother concert in Edinburgh
On 09 February 2018 Michael Rother will play at The Liquid Room in Edinburgh, UK. Tickets are available here. More infos will follow soon.

(created: 01/10/2017 )

Michael Rother concert in London
Michael Rother will return to London, UK, on 06 February 2018 and play at "The Jazz Cafe". More UK dates will be announced soon.

(created: 22/09/2017 )

Michael Rother concert at Electronic Circus Festival
On 30 September 2017, Michael Rother will perform at the Electronic Circus Festival in Detmold, Germany. Please order your tickets for this 10th edition of the festival via email to vvk@electronic-circus.net. More information coming soon.

(created: 31/07/2017 )

Michael Rother confirmed for By The Lake festival
On 13 August 2017, Michael Rother will return to Berlin and participate at the By The Lake festival in Weissenssee. Hans Lampe (La Düsseldorf) and Franz Bargmann will accompany Michael Rother for a...  Read more

(created: 02/05/2017 )

Michael Rother concert at DRILL Festival in Leeds
A replacement concert for the unfortunately cancelled Safe As Milk festival has been arranged: Michael Rother is confirmed to play at the DRILL Festival @ Brudenell Social Club in Leeds, UK, on 23 April 2017. Tickets...  Read more

(created: 07/04/2017 )

Safe As Milk Festival cancelled
The organisers of the Safe As Milk festival which was due to be held from 21 until 23 April 2017 in Prestatyn, Wales (UK) have cancelled the event due to poor ticket sales. Read more in crackmagazine.net.
The...  Read more

(created: 31/03/2017 )

Additional UK concerts in April 2017 in Nottingham and Manchester
Michael Rother is confirmed to play two additional UK concerts in April 2017 after his performance on April 23rd 2017 at Safe As Milk Festival, Prestatyn. Tickets for his concerts in Nottingham (Rescue...  Read more

(created: 23/02/2017 )

World premiere of Flammende Herzen live
Michael Rother will perfom his entire first solo album "Flammende Herzen" for the first time ever at the "Lieblingsplatte-Festival" at zakk Halle in Düsseldorf on December 14th 2016. Tickets are available here....  Read more

(created: 19/11/2016 )

Michael Rother / concerts & tours /autumn/winter 2016 (overview) / UPDATE
The next concerts:
14 October - Sevilla, Spain @ Monkey Week Festival
16 October - Braga, Portugal @ gnration
18 October - Madrid, Spain @ Sala Joy Eslava
20 October - Barcelona, Spain @ Sala Bikini
28 October - Beijing, China...  Read more

(created: 06/10/2016 )

Michael Rother returns to Under the Bridge, London / UPDATE
On 29 September 2016 Michael Rother will return to London, UK, for a second concert at Under the Bridge in Chelsea. This is a chance for everyone who missed his sold-out performance at UtB on 05 February.

Tickets...  Read more

(created: 12/09/2016 )

Berlin concert by Michael Rother in September 2016
On September 17th 2016 Michael Rother will participate at the Synästhesie II festival in Berlin, Germany. The venue: UFO Sound Studios. Michael Rother will present music by NEU!, Harmonia and Solo Works. Hans Lampe (drums/La...  Read more

(created: 28/08/2016 )

Press reviews of Michael Rother´s concert @ Green Man 2016
On 20 August 2016 Michael Rother performed at Green Man 2016 Festival in Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales, UK.

Here are some reviews:

The Guardian - "Green Man Review - from fusion...  Read more

(created: 27/08/2016 )

Michael Rother concerts in Spain in October 2016
In October 2016 Michael Rother returns to Spain for the following concerts: October 14th in Sevilla at Monkey Week Festival, October 18th in Madrid at Sala Joy Eslava and October 20th in Barcelona at Sala Bikini.

(created: 29/06/2016 )

Michael Rother concert in Glasgow
Michael Rother comes to Scotland for a concert in Glasgow on September 30th, 2016. At The Art School he will be joined by Hans Lampe (La Düsseldorf, drums) and Franz Bargmann (ex Camera,...  Read more

(created: 06/04/2016 )

Michael Rother to play at Incubate Festival
Michael Rother is confirmed to perform at the Incubate Festival in Tilburg (Netherlands), headlining on 14 May 2016. Hans Lampe (La Düsseldorf/drums) and Franz Bargmann (ex Camera/guitar) will join Michael Rother at Incubate....  Read more

(created: 24/03/2016 )

Harmonia album "Documents 1975" now available as CD and LP
On 18 March 2016, Groenland Records releases Harmonia´s album "Documents 1975". This album by Dieter Moebius, Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Michael Rother was previously only available as part of Harmonia´s box set "Complete...  Read more

(created: 06/03/2016 )

Michael Rother sits in for Iggy Pop
On Friday, 26 October 2016, at 7pm (UK time), Iggy Pop´s Radio Show will be broadcast on BBC Radio 6 Music. Michael Rother was invited by Iggy Pop, for whom he...  Read more

(created: 24/02/2016 )

Michael Rother concert at Yellowstock Festival
On 13 August 2016 Michael Rother will perform at Yellowstock Festival in Geel, Belgium. More information available soon.

(created: 15/02/2016 )

Michael Rother concert in London / sold out!
On 05 February 2016, Michael Rother will play at Under The Bridge in London, U.K. Rusty Egan is confirmed to DJ. Hans Lampe (drums/La Duesseldorf) and Franz Bargman (guitar/ex Camera) join Michael...  Read more

(created: 01/02/2016 )

Michael Rother concerts in Leipzig and Berlin / Update
In January 2016 Michael Rother will come to Leipzig and Berlin for 2 concerts in Germany. The dates: 23 January at UT Connewitz, Leipzig, and 25 January at Volksbühne Berlin. Hans Lampe (La...  Read more

(created: 02/12/2015 )

Harmonia box set "Complete Works" out now
Harmonia´s career-spanning 5-vinyl lp box set "Complete Works" has now been released by Groenland Records. The band, consisting of Dieter Moebius, Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Michael Rother, lived and worked together in Forst from 1973 until...  Read more

(created: 23/10/2015 )

Michael Rother live dates for autumn 2015 / UPDATE 22 Oct. 2015
More dates have been confirmed for Michael Rother concerts in Europe in autumn 2015 where he will present his live concept "Michael Rother plays NEU! & Harmonia & Solo Works". Hans Lampe (La Duesseldorf/drums) and...  Read more

(created: 22/10/2015 )

Harmonia box set "Complete Works" coming via Groenland Records
Harmonia "Complete Works", a 5-lp vinyl box set, will be released by Groenland Records on 21 October 2015. Dieter Moebius, Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Michael Rother have contributed archival material to this unique project...  Read more

(created: 14/08/2015 )

The feature film "Houston" to be screened on German tv
The film "Houston" by German director Bastian Günther, featuring the leading actors Ulrich Tukur and Garret Dillahunt and a score by Michael Rother will be screened on tv for the first time on the German channel ARD...  Read more

(created: 07/08/2015 )

MICHANIKA concert at Pop-Kultur festival cancelled
Anika (Annika Henderson) and Michael Rother deeply regret that, due to time constraints and pressing individual artistic commitments, their collaborative project "Michanika" must be put on hold for the foreseeable future and all performances of "Michanika"...  Read more

(created: 23/06/2015 )

Michael Rother concert in Metz, France
Michael Rother is confirmed for a concert at La BAM (Boîte à musique) in Metz, France, on 12 Nov 2015. He will present his current live program "Michael Rother plays NEU! &...  Read more

(created: 17/06/2015 )

Michael Rother concert in Madrid / Update
Michael Rother is confirmed to play his first ever concert in Madrid, Spain, on 22 July 2015 at Sala Caracol. Joining him are Hans Lampe (drums/La Düsseldorf), Fanz Bargmann (guitar/ex Camera) and Anika...  Read more

(created: 03/06/2015 )

Michael Rother live premiere in Portugal
Michael Rother´s first ever concerts in Portugal are confirmed for July 2015:
- 25 July 2015 - "Michael Rother plays NEU!, Harmonia and solo works" at Milhões de Festa in Barcelos, Braga.
- 27...  Read more

(created: 30/03/2015 )

The film "Die Räuber" (The Robbers) coming in German cinemas
Starting on March 19th 2015, the film "Die Räuber" ("The Robbers") by Paul Cruchten and Frank Hoffmann, featuring a score by Michael Rother, will be shown in German cinemas. The film noire, loosely based on Friedrich...  Read more

(created: 16/03/2015 )

Michael Rother-Remix of a track by "Boxed In"
Michael Rother´s Remix of the track "All Your Love Is Gone" by "Boxed In" is now available for streaming on Stereogum. The track was written by Oli Bayston. The remix features guitars...  Read more

(created: 17/01/2015 )

Video clip with Interview and footage of Beijing concert
VICE China has now uploaded an interview with Michael Rother and footage of his concert in Beijing, China, on 11 December 2014. Music: "Hallogallo" and "Neuschnee" (NEU!), written by Klaus Dinger/Michael Rother. Performed...  Read more

(created: 16/01/2015 )

"Die Räuber" - New feature film with a score by Michael Rother
The film "Die Räuber" (The Robbers), directed by Frank Hoffmann and Pol Cruchten, features a score by Michael Rother and will be premiered at the opening night of the film festival Max Ophüls Preis...  Read more

(created: 07/01/2015 )

Michael Rother concerts 2015 in Amsterdam, Düsseldorf and Heidelberg
In January and February 2015, Michael Rother will do three live perfomances and present the music of NEU! and Harmonia as well as selected solo works. Confirmed are concerts on 30 January at Grauzone...  Read more

(created: 23/12/2014 )

Short video of Michael Rother´s concert in Beijing @ VICE
VICE China has posted a short video of their New Year 2014 party in Beijing of 11 December 2014. The clip features Michael Rother´s track "Maultrommel" (as performed live on that night by...  Read more

(created: 22/12/2014 )

Michael Rother live in China / Update
For his first ever live performances in China, Michael Rother will come to Beijing and Shanghai in December 2014 and present the music of NEU! and Harmonia as well as selected solo works....  Read more

(created: 04/12/2014 )

Michael Rother at the Red Bull Music Academy, Tokyo 2014
On October 22nd 2014 Michael Rother participated at the Red Bull Music Academy, Tokyo 2014, Japan, where he was interviewed by Hanna Bächer in front of the participants of the RBMA Tokyo 2014. The "Lecture"...  Read more

(created: 06/11/2014 )

New compilation out on Groenland Records features music by Michael Rother
The compilation "ELECTRI_CITY - Elektronische Musik aus Düsseldorf" featuring music of the 1970s and 80s from Düsseldorf as well as music by artists and bands often associated with the capital of North...  Read more

(created: 08/10/2014 )

Michael Rother live at Phono Festival in Bergen, Norway / Update
Michael Rother will come Bergen, Norway, on September 20th 2014 where he will perform the music of NEU! and Harmonia plus selected solo works at Phonofestivalen 2014. Hans Lampe (La Düsseldorf / drums)...  Read more

(created: 14/09/2014 )

Michael Rother´s track "Feuerland" on a Sky Records compilation of Bureau B
On September 26th 2014, the Hamburg-based label Bureau B will release a vinyl/CD compilation called "SKY RECORDS. Compiled by Tim Ganes" which features tracks originally released in the 70s by Guenter Koerber on his...  Read more

(created: 14/09/2014 )

Live performance in Copenhagen, Denmark / Update: Special Guests
Michael Rother is confirmed to perform live in Copenhagen on April 3rd 2014 where he will present the music of NEU! and Harmonia plus selected solo works at Tivolis Koncertsal for the...  Read more

(created: 17/03/2014 )

Michael Rother live at Schloss Bevern in Germany
Michael Rother is confirmed to play an open air concert in Bevern, Germany, on July 26th 2014 and present the music of his bands NEU! and Harmonia plus selected solo works. The courtyard...  Read more

(created: 04/03/2014 )

Michael Rother live at OFF Festival Katowice 2014
The lineup for the OFF Festival Katowice 2014 running from August 1st - 3rd 2014 has just been announced. Michael Rother is confirmed to present the music of NEU! and Harmonia plus...  Read more

(created: 25/02/2014 )

Michael Rother live in Munich, Germany
On December 14th 2013, Michael Rother will participate at "KRAUT & DRASTIK", an event of panel discussions, lectures and live music held at Münchner Kammerspiele in Munich, Germany.
At "KRAUT & DRASTIK" Michael...  Read more

(created: 04/11/2013 )

Michael Rother live in London, UK
Michael Rother is confirmed for a concert in London, UK, on December 3rd 2013. At ATP´s Netil House Takeover Michael Rother presents the music of NEU! and Harmonia as well as selected solo works....  Read more

(created: 29/10/2013 )

Michael Rother concert at Electronic Circus festival in Guetersloh, Germany
On October 5th 2013 Michael Rother will perform live in Germany and present the music of NEU! and Harmonia as well as selected solo works at the Electronic Circus 2013 music festival in Guetersloh,...  Read more

(created: 20/08/2013 )

Concerts in Japan in September 2013
Michael Rother comes to Japan for 2 live performances in September 2013. At CONPASS in Osaka (Sep 11th 2013) and UNIT in Tokyo (Sep 12th 2013) he will present the...  Read more

(created: 02/08/2013 )

Michael Rother solo concert on Madeira
On August 30th 2013 Michael Rother will come to the island of Madeira for a solo concert at Estalagem Ponta do Sol and present the music of his bands NEU! and Harmonia...  Read more

(created: 22/07/2013 )

Michael Rother with Neutronics on MS Dockville Kunstcamp on August 08th 2013
As participants of the art festival section "Kunstcamp" at the MS Dockville Festival in Hamburg, Germany, Michael Rother, Camera and Tobec will celebrate a special performanceconcertparty under the moniker "Neutronics" on August 08th 2013.

(created: 16/07/2013 )

Michael Rother joins jam at Telepathic Bubblebath on July 27th 2013 in Berlin
On July 27th 2013 Michael Rother will join other musicians for a unique jam called "Telepathic Bubblebath" at Else (Arts & Entertainment - Dance Club), An den Treptowers 10, in Berlin, Germany. Among...  Read more

(created: 14/07/2013 )

Michael Rother confirmed for ATP´s "End Of An Era" (Part 2) festival weekend
From November 29th to December 01st 2013 All Tomorrow´s Parties will hold their last holiday camp festival weekend at Camber Sands, UK. "End Of An Era" (Part 2) is curated by ATP and Loop....  Read more

(created: 10/06/2013 )

Live appearances in spring 2013 / Update March 29th 2013
Michael Rother will do a few European dates in Spring 2013 with his current live project "Michael Rother presents the Music of NEU! and Hamonia plus selected solo works". The Berlin-based band "Camera" will accompany...  Read more

(created: 29/03/2013 )

Whos That Man - A Tribute To Conny Plank / 4 disc box set coming on Groenland Records
Groenland Records will release a 4 disc box set on February 11th 2013. "Who´s That Man - A Tribute To Conny Plank" features career highlights of the legendary producer who died 25 years ago...  Read more

(created: 26/12/2012 )

Michael Rother at Roadburn 2013 Afterburner music festival
On April 21st 2013 Michael Rother will play at the Roadburn 2013 Afterburner Festival in Tilburg, Netherlands. The three members of the Berlin-based band Camera (Michael Drummer, Timm Brockmann, Franz Bargmann) will accompany...  Read more

(created: 23/12/2012 )

World premiere of film "Houston" with music by Michael Rother at Sundance Film Festival
On January 22nd 2013, the film "Houston" by German director Bastian Günther which features new music by Michael Rother will see its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City (Utah,...  Read more

(created: 15/12/2012 )

Michael Rother concert at ATP Festival in Camber Sands, UK, December 8th 2012 / update
On December 8th Michael Rother will perform at All Tomorrow?s Parties Festival. This edition of the festival is curated by The National and taking place in Camber Sands, UK, from December 7th-9th 2012. For information...  Read more

(created: 25/11/2012 )

Michael Rother confirmed for Focus Wales Festival 2013
On April 27th 2013 Michael Rother will perform live at the Focus Wales Festival 2013 in Wrexham, UK. More information coming soon.

(created: 28/10/2012 )

Michael Rother jam in Berlin with Camera
The young Berlin based band Camera is celebrating the release of their first album called Radiate! with a party and a concert at Kater Holzig in Berlin on August 09th 2012. Michael Rother...  Read more

(created: 31/07/2012 )

Michael Rother confirmed for On The Sea festival in Spain / EVENT CANCELLED!
On September 08th 2012 Michael Rother will perform at the "On The Sea" festival held in Spain from September 07 - 09 2012. See a trailer. More information coming soon.

(created: 31/05/2012 )

Michael Rother concert with Camera at Plissken festival, Athens
On May 12th 2012 Michael Rother will perform together with the Berlin based band "Camera" at Plissken Festival in Athens, Greece.

(created: 13/04/2012 )

IBYM festival in Tokyo, Japan, postponed!
The IBYM festival will now take place later in 2012. More information on ATP website.

(created: 12/04/2012 )

Michael Rother concerts in Australia in March 2012 / Update
Michael Rother returns to Australia in March 2012 for a concert at the Adelaide Festival and a short tour. He will present music of NEU!, Harmonia and selected solo works in a world premiere line-up...  Read more

(created: 17/01/2012 )

Video of Michael Rother jamming with Camera
Michael Rother, Camera and Dieter Moebius performed together at HBC in Berlin on October 22nd 2011. The video artist Christian Garcia filmed the event and uploaded a 26 minutes long Clip of their jam.

(created: 25/12/2011 )

Michael Rother in Japan in May 2011
Michael Rother will come to Japan in May 2011 to create music for the art installation "Beyond the Sunbeam Through Trees" by Noritoshi Hirakawa at YCAM (Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media). (Japanese).

The...  Read more

(created: 04/05/2011 )

Happy new Year - and thank you!
A very Happy New Year to all of you and a big Thank You to all the fans who came out to see our Hallogallo 2010 concerts and gave us such a warm...  Read more

(created: 31/12/2010 )

Tour dates Michael Rother / Hallogallo 2010 - new dates!
04 August 2010 - Maxwell?s, Hoboken, NJ - "Michael Rother and Freunde"
06 August 2010 - Lincoln Center Out of Doors, New York City, USA.
08 August 2010 - International House of Philadelphia,...  Read more

(created: 17/11/2010 )

Hallogallo 2010 tour dates for South America
Michael Rother will come to South America for three concerts in November 2010 with his live project Hallogallo 2010 (feat. Steve Shelley/Sonic Youth and Aaron Mullan/Tall Firs).
Nov 21th - Eletronika Festival...  Read more

(created: 10/10/2010 )

Hallogallo 2010 live in Berlin
Michael Rother, Steve Shelley and Aaron Mullan perform the track "Negativland" from the first NEU! album at Admiralspalast in Berlin on September 23rd 2010:

(created: 27/09/2010 )

Hallogallo 2010 / Michael Rother and Friends perform the music of NEU!
Michael Rother will start performing selected concerts around the world in summer 2010 with his project "Hallogallo 2010". Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth) and Aaron Mullan (Tall Firs) will join him. Together they will play...  Read more

(created: 17/07/2010 )

Print press - interviews, reviews and features
Loud And Quiet // WFMU // Dazed&Confused (UK, June) // SPIEGEL Online // UNCUT (UK, June) //...  Read more

(created: 05/07/2010 )

NEU! merchandise and more on www.neu2010.com
On the NEU! website www.neu2010.com detailed information on the new vinyl box set as well as tracks by NEU! have been made available. In a shop area run by Groenland Records...  Read more

(created: 14/05/2010 )

NEU! vinyl box set released in Europe on 10 May 2010 and on 27 July in the US
A NEU! vinyl box set will be released in a limited edition on Groenland Records in Europe on 10 May 2010. The release in the USA is now scheduled for 27...  Read more

(created: 04/05/2010 )

Radio + online - interviews and presentation of the album NEU! ?86
07 May 2010, 7-911pm CET: Radio Eins SOUNDCHECK, presentation of the album NEU! ?86 by Andreas Mueller.

12 May 2010, 11pm-01am: Radio Eins "elektro beats", a 2 hour NEU!- Special...  Read more

(created: 29/04/2010 )

NEU! 12" maxi single / Record Store Day
The NEU! 12" maxi single "Crazy"/"Euphoria", two tracks of the forthcoming album NEU! ?86, will be available in a limited edition only on 17 April 2010, the international Record Store Day. Michael Rother...  Read more

(created: 16/04/2010 )

First live appearances of Rother/Shelley/Mullan
Michael Rother, Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth) and Aaron Mullan (Tall Firs) will be performing together for the first time at the festivals in Bad Bonn Kilbi, Switzerland, on May 28 2010, and at Primavera...  Read more

(created: 12/03/2010 )

Michael Rother´s music available for download
All of Michael Rother´s solo albums and indivudual tracks are available for download at iTunes Store, Rhapsody Online, eMusic, Amazon.com, Napster, Juno Download and at many more online stores.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

(created: 05/01/2010 )

Tracks by NEU! and Michael Rother featured on Krautrock cd compilation
On 18 December 2009 the compilation "Krautrock Masters + Echoes" was released on the label Stereo Deluxe. The compilation comprising two cds features the tracks "Seeland" by NEU! and "Katzenmusik 8" by Michael Rother.

(created: 18/12/2009 )

Michael Rother track out on compilation "Music For A Good Home" in support of Shelter UK
Michael Rother has contributed a new version of his track "Maus-Mann-Motiv" to the compilation Musik For A Good Home released on Audioscope on October 17th 2009. All profits go to the UK housing and homelessness charity Shelter.
More...  Read more

(created: 02/11/2009 )

German/French tv station Arte features Krautrock
On October 30th, 2009, at 11.15 pm (CET) the Arte tv magazine Tracks will broadcast a feature on the growing interest in German bands of the 70s like i.e. Michael Rother?s projects NEU! and Harmonia....  Read more

(created: 31/10/2009 )

BBC documentary film "Krautrock - The Rebirth Of Germany"
On 23 October 2009 the BBC will broadcast a documentary film on German music of the early 70s: "Krautrock - The Rebirth Of Germany". For the documentary Ben Whalley and his BBC team filmed...  Read more

(created: 05/10/2009 )

Harmonia and Brian Eno collaboration "Tracks and Traces"
18th September 2009 will see the rerelease of the album "Tracks and Traces" by Harmonia and Brian Eno. The new version of "Tracks and Traces" features three previously unreleased tracks dating from their 1976 collaboration....  Read more

(created: 09/09/2009 )

Flammende Herzen/Karussell single out on vinyl 7-inch
Michael Rother’s tracks Flammende Herzen and Karussell from his first solo album Flammende Herzen (1977) will be rereleased in a limited edition on a vinyl 7-inch single by the Hamburg, Germany, based label bureau b...  Read more

(created: 08/09/2009 )

Michael Rother solo albums released in Japan
On 25 May 2009 the Michael Rother solo albums "Flammende Herzen", "Sterntaler", "Katzenmusik" and "Fernwarme" were released in Japan through Marquee Inc.. Details on the albums including an interview with Michael Rother in Euro-Rock Press (in Japanese).

(created: 29/08/2009 )

Harmonia?s track Watussi sampled by Engineers for new album
Harmonia?s track Watussi from the album "Musik von Harmonia" inspired the British band Engineers to their track "Clean Coloured Wire". The great song features a sample taken from Harmonia?s track...  Read more

(created: 06/07/2009 )

"Brand NEU!" - Tribute Album featuring a track by Michael Rother
On 25 May 2009 Feraltone, the new label of former Gronland Records MD Ren? Renner, will release a compilation called "Brand NEU!". International artists and bands pay tribute to NEU! and thank Michael Rother...  Read more

(created: 16/05/2009 )

Premiere of Station 17 documentary film feat. Michael Rother
The documentary film of Station 17 will be premiered on 27 May 2009 at 8pm in the Zeise cinema in Hamburg, Germany. The name of the film is "Station 17: neu" and reflects...  Read more

(created: 07/05/2009 )

Michael Rother joins Station 17 on stage in Hamburg
On 05 February 2009 Michael Rother will join Station 17 at their concert in the club Uebel & Gefaehrlich in Hamburg. Together they will perfom a new live version (including vocals) of the track "Boogie...  Read more

(created: 02/02/2009 )

NEU! and Harmonia albums in Australia
The three classic NEU! albums and Harmonia?s latest release "Live 1974" will be available in Australia in January 2009 through Inertia.

(created: 24/11/2008 )

Harmonia concerts at ATP in Australia in January 2009
Harmonia will come to Australia for six concerts between 10th and 18th January 2009 and join the first All Tomorrow?s Parties tour.
Jan 10th: Mt.Buller, ATP Festival
Jan 12th: Melbourne, East Brunswick Club
Jan 13th: Brisbane, Powerhouse...  Read more

(created: 15/11/2008 )

Michael Rother collaborates on a track of new album by Station 17
On 21 November 2008 the new album by Station 17 called 'Goldstein Variationen' will be released on cd in Germany. For this project Michael Rother collaborated with handicapped and non-handicapped musicians from Hamburg, Germany,...  Read more

(created: 02/10/2008 )

Michael Rother track released on Chilltronica compilation
'Morning After [Loneliness]', a track from Michael Rother?s latest solo album 'Remember [The Great Adventure]' (2004) has now been released on the compilation 'Chilltronica - a definition'. For more information on the concept of...  Read more

(created: 02/10/2008 )

Harmonia album "Live 1974"
The Harmonia album "Live 1974" is now available in Europe on cd and vinyl. The five tracks recorded live in 1974 of the band of Michael Rother, Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Moebius have never...  Read more

(created: 30/09/2008 )

2008 - Interviews and features on Michael Rother and his projects
„Discovering Krautrock – in Germany“. An article on German music from the late 60s and early 70s written by Dave Graham for Reuters. The article features statements by Michael Rother from an interview...  Read more

(created: 01/09/2008 )

Harmonia concerts in 2008
Michael Rother, Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Moebius will do several live appearances as Harmonia in 2008. The following countries are scheduled so far: UK, Russia, Norway and the USA. With their very first...  Read more

(created: 17/05/2008 )

Klaus Dinger +21.03.2008
Today, on 2nd April 2008 the sad news has been made public: Klaus Dinger died on 21 March 2008. Together with many friends of his music I will remember Klaus for his creativity...  Read more

(created: 02/04/2008 )

Harmonia concert at Worldtronics festival in Berlin
Berlin will see the first Harmonia concert since 1976 on 27th November 2007 when Michael Rother, Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Moebius will perform as Harmonia on the opening night of the Worldtronics festival...  Read more

(created: 27/11/2007 )

Rother & Moebius concerts in November 2007
Michael Rother and Dieter Moebius will do a couple of live shows in UK and Germany in November: 10 Nov 2007 Oxford UK - Audioscope 07 (Audioscope MySpace profile)...  Read more

(created: 29/10/2007 )

Forum closed due to spam
Unfortunately we had to close the Michael Rother forum on this page due to countless spam posts that kept on coming in. For messages and questions concerning Michael Rother?s music , NEU! and Harmonia please visit www.myspace.com/michaelrother.

(created: 22/08/2007 )

Michael Rother jamming with Red Hot Chili Peppers
On 01 July 2007 Michael Rother joined the Red Hot Chili Peppers for the endjam at their concert in Hamburg. John Frusciante, Flea, Chad Smith, Josh Klinghoffer and Michael Rother played for about...  Read more

(created: 10/07/2007 )

New articles on Michael Rother, his projects, friends and partners / print & online
Der Tagesspiegel: "Kraut und Mythen" - article of 29th March 2007 by Markus Hesselmann (in German) about the label Gronland, NEU! and other German musicians/bands - with excerpts from an interview with Michael...  Read more

(created: 19/02/2007 )

tv documentary on the origins of German rock music now shown on 3SAT
Those of you who have missed the tv documentary "Kraut und Rueben" when it was first shown in February/March 2006 can now see the rerun on 3SAT. Starting on January 01 2007...  Read more

(created: 01/01/2007 )

Online auction supported by Michael Rother for the benefit of Nordoff/Robbins music therapy
On 16th October 2006 at 6pm CET an online auction of the project "Informatikjahr sucht den Informatikstar" will start at eBay and continue running for one week. The project?s aim is to encourage...  Read more

(created: 16/10/2006 )

More Rother & Moebius live dates for summer/autumn 2006
Live appearances by Michael Rother and Dieter Moebius in Italy in August 2006: 05.08., Urbino, Frequenze Disturbate Festival. Other participants: Afterhours, Arab Strap, Cat Power and many more / 09.08., Catanzaro / 11.08., Castelbuono (Palermo) Ypsigrock...  Read more

(created: 31/07/2006 )

UK concerts July 2006 - Update
Rother & Moebius will come to the UK for a short tour in July 2006: 14.07. Hebden Bridge, Arts Festival 2006, Picture House. More infos: slomanmusic.co.uk / 15.07. Edinburgh, Cabaret Voltaire / 16.07. Glasgow, Mono...  Read more

(created: 17/06/2006 )

Rother & Moebius concert in Dortmund
On 11 June 2006 Michael Rother & Dieter Moebius will appear in concert at the FZW in Dortmund. Special guests will open up for them at 9pm. Rother & Moebius will be...  Read more

(created: 19/04/2006 )

Michael Rother in New York
Michael Rother concert on 04 March 2006 at The Bowery Ballroom in New York City, USA. Benjamin Curtis (Guitar/The Secret Machines) and Josh Klinghoffer (Drums/John Frusciante, Beck, PJ Harvey, Sparks) are confirmed...  Read more

(created: 16/03/2006 )

Televison documentary on German music of the 70s
WDR will broadcast a tv documentary in six parts starting on 02 February 2006 at 00.00am CET covering German rock music of the 70s. Part 6 "Elektrische Impulse" of "Kraut und Rueben - ?ber die...  Read more

(created: 26/01/2006 )

Conny Plank feature on German radio
On 11 February 2006 at 23.05pm the German radio station NDR Info will air the feature "Conny Plank - eine Produzentenlegende" by Ecki Stieg. With music from some of the legendary albums produced...  Read more

(created: 26/01/2006 )

Michael Rother & Special Guests at "All Tomorrow?s Parties"
Michael Rother will appear in concert on 04 December 2005 at the "All Tomorrow?s Parties" festival in Camber Sands/England. The Mars Volta who curate this edition of ATP have invited Michael Rother...  Read more

(created: 01/11/2005 )

Preview summer/autumn 2005
23 September 2005, Lille/France, Rother & Moebius in concert at the festival "Les Chants M?caniques/Audioframes" in Tri Postal. Also appearing: Ars Nova, Tiere Der Nacht and more. *** 24 September 2005, Brussels/Belgium,...  Read more

(created: 30/09/2005 )

Rother & Moebius at Numusic festival
26 August 2005, Stavanger/Norway, NuMusic Festival: Michael Rother and Dieter Moebius in concert (read the articles in Stavanger Aftenblad: "Krautrockpioner til Numusic" and in Rogalands Avis: "Elektronika-legende til Numusic",...  Read more

(created: 26/08/2005 )

Rother & Moebius at Supersonic festival in Birmingham
09 July 2005, Birmingham/UK, SuperSonic Festival: Michael Rother and Dieter Moebius in concert. Other particpants: Psychic TV, Daelek, Battles, Jesu, Merzbow vs Stephen O?Malley, Barbara Morgenstern/Robert Lippok (To Rococo Rot)...  Read more

(created: 11/07/2005 )

Rother & Moebius concert in Lyon
On May 04th 2005 Michael Rother and Dieter Moebius will perform at the "Nuits Sonores Festival". The festival of electronic music which will in this year feature i.e. Mouse on Mars, The Fall,...  Read more

(created: 07/04/2005 )

Harmonia "Deluxe" re-released
Harmonia?s second album "Deluxe" (originally released on Metronome/Brain in 1975) has been re-released on Universal Music on 24 October 2004-. Just like Harmonia?s first album "Musik von Harmonia" which was re-released in February...  Read more

(created: 06/04/2005 )

Rother & Moebius perform at the Ether Festival 2005
On March 14th 2005 Michael Rother and Dieter Moebius will perform at the Ether Festival in the Royal Festival Hall at the South Bank Centre in London. Also appearing: Githead (Colin Newman/Scanner/Malka...  Read more

(created: 14/02/2005 )

Rother & Moebius concerts in Italy
Michael Rother and Dieter Moebius will be in Italy for six live shows starting on 18 February 2005: 18.02. BRESCIA - Freemuzik / 19.02. TORINO - Hiroshima Mon Amour /...  Read more

(created: 28/01/2005 )

Michael Rother special in "On The Tracks" at Radio Bremen/NordwestRadio
On 12 December 2004 from 22.05 until 24.00pm (CET) Radio Bremen/NordwestRadio will broadcast an interview with Michael Rother in their series "On The Tracks". Michael Rother who was invited to select the music...  Read more

(created: 27/11/2004 )

Footage of the LA concert to be shown on ARTE-TV / reviews & photos
German/French tv channel "ARTE" will show an interview with Michael Rother, John Frusciante and Josh Klinghoffer and excerpts of their LA concert at the Knitting Factory of 05 August 2004 in the music...  Read more

(created: 07/10/2004 )

Michael Rother interview and studio report in KEYBOARDS // online specials at Intro.de, Musikexpress.de and on radio NDR Info
Read an interview with Michael Rother and see photos of his studio equipment in KEYBOARDS 09/2004. More studio photos are available at keyboards.de*****An extensive video interview is now to be seen at Intro.de....  Read more

(created: 19/08/2004 )

Michael Rother and The Secret Machines
On 06 July the audience at the club "Molotow" in Hamburg witnessed the first live appearance of Michael Rother with the US band "The Secret Machines". Apart from a Bob Dylan song, Michael...  Read more

(created: 18/07/2004 )

Remember [The Great Adventure] - Michael Rother?s new album
Michael Rother?s ninth solo album was released in Germany on 24 May 2004 on Random Records in association with GangGo Music and WEA Records. Catalogue no. cd 5050467-2938-2-3. Selected reviews of "Remember...  Read more

(created: 17/07/2004 )

Live shows of Michael Rother and John Frusciante
Michael Rother and John Frusciante (Red Hot Chili Peppers) will continue their collaboration. Two US concerts have been confirmed: 04 August 2004 in San Francisco (Great American Music Hall) and 05 August 2004 in Los Angeles ...  Read more

(created: 15/07/2004 )

Michael Rother special in "Elektro Beats"
Hear an interview with Michael Rother and tracks of his new album "Remember [The Great Adventure]" in "Elektro Beats", a radio show by Olaf Zimmermann on radio EINS. The feature...  Read more

(created: 26/06/2004 )

Sound clips of Michael Rother?s new album
You can hear sound clips of all the 9 tracks on Michael Rother?s new solo album "Remember [The Great Adventure]" on this website.

(created: 21/06/2004 )

Harmonia news
"Musik von Harmonia" is now available to order in the UK (via Universal Import Music Service, cat. # 981 298-3). Just like Harmonia?s first album "Musik von Harmonia", which was re-released in February 2004, the...  Read more

(created: 20/06/2004 )

Seats?n Beats #14
Michael Rother & Dieter Moebius to perform at the "Seats ?n Beats #14" on April 17, 2004 in Antwerpes. Futher participants at theTheatre of the Centre Culture Luchtbal are Nu Dub Players (Bernd Friedmann,...  Read more

(created: 09/03/2004 )

)toon) Festival
Michael Rother & Dieter Moebius to perform at the ")toon) festival on electronic arts and music" in Haarlem, Holland, on April 16, 2004. Futher participants at the Lichtfabriek/Oliehuis are Nu Dub Players (Bernd Friedmann,...  Read more

(created: 09/03/2004 )

Re-Release of "Musik von Harmonia"
Harmonia?s first album "Musik von Harmonia" of 1974 has been re-released on February 23, 2004 on cd and vinyl. The booklet features liner notes on Harmonia by Asmus Tietchens and previously unpublished historic photos...  Read more

(created: 15/02/2004 )

Rother and Frusciante in Interview
Read about the first meeting of Michael Rother and John Frusciante (RHCP) in German music magazine Musikexpress (July 2003).

(created: 06/11/2003 )

NEU! music included in Quentin Tarantino?s new film
An excerpt of the NEU! track "Super 16" is heard in the movie "Kill Bill" as well as on the soundtrack.

(created: 10/09/2003 )

Spontaneous jam session with Red Hot Chili Peppers
Spontaneous jam session of Michael Rother with the Red Hot Chili Peppers during their concert in Hamburg on 22 March 2003. RHCP and Rother were joined by Omar Rodriguez (The Mars...  Read more

(created: 25/03/2003 )

Electricity Festival 2002
Michael Rother concert on 10 November 2002 along with Air Liquide, FM Einheit and Helmut Zerlett in Saarbruecken at the "Garage" during the "Electricity Festivals" (from 07.11.-10.11.2002 feat. Underworld, Mouse on Mars and many more).

(created: 09/10/2002 )

Concert mit Air Liquide & FM Einheit
Michael Rother to perform on 05 September 2002 in Hamburg at the "Fabrik" together with Air Liquide and FM Einheit (ex Einstuerzende Neubauten).

(created: 17/07/2002 )

Forstival 2002
Rother&Moebius to perform on 12 July 2002 at the electronic night of the music and theatre festival "Forstival" (12.-14.07.02). Also appearing on the 12.07.: Jake Mandell and Rei$$dorf Force (feat. Read more

(created: 19/05/2002 )

"Ende Neu“ K?ln
Rother to participate at an ambient/psychedelic/ chill out/ trip out jam in the Kunsthalle am Neumarkt (Psychedelic Kitchen) in Cologne on 22 June 2002 together with FM Einheit (Ex Einstuerzende Neubauten) and Air Liquide. (Read more

(created: 04/05/2002 )

NEU! in Australia
On 22 April 2002 EMI Music released the three NEU! albums in Australia.

(created: 01/05/2002 )

NEU! in Japan
The three NEU! albums were released in Japan on 10 April 2002 on P-Vine Records.

(created: 01/05/2002 )

Genua Benefiz Festival
Rother&Moebius to perform at the Genua-Benefiz Festival in Oberhausen on October 11, 2001. Other bands to participate are i.e. Die Sterne and Mouse on Mars.

(created: 06/09/2001 )

NEU! albums re-released
Since May 28, 2001, the 3 ”classical“ NEU! albums are available on cd and lp in Europe (EMI Electrola) and in the USA (Astralwerks).

(created: 15/06/2001 )

NEU!-Albums on Gr?nland
The three "classical" NEU! albums are available on cd and vinyl since May 28, 2001. For more information on NEU! please see the NEU! section on this website or visit Groenland.com

(created: 01/06/2001 )

„Pfingsten in Forst“-Festival 2001
Rother&Moebius, joined by Thomas Beckmann, perform at the festival "Pfingsten in Forst" on June 03, 2001

(created: 28/03/2001 )

„Wolkenwelt“ on Compilation
The Rother track "Wolkenwelt" performed live by Rother/Moebius/Beckmann at the KOMM 98 festival in D?sseldorf has now been released on the compilation "Hidden Treasures / the fourth dimension" : www.memi.com. Sound sample (mp3) at www.keyboards.de

(created: 07/02/2001 )

International press on NEU!
Selected interviews with Klaus Dinger and Michael Rother, features on NEU! and reviews on the NEU! albums in the international press are to found in: KEYS/Germany (May 2004) "Electronic Milestones" ABC.net/Australia (October 2002) xpressmag/Australien "Over and Kraut" (2002) Chronic?art: Le Mag/France (2001) Rockaxis/Spain...  Read more

(created: 04/02/2001 )

Message from Michael Rother
Please note that all the articles mentioned on this website reflect the opinions of their respective authors. The inclusion of these articles here should not be seen as an indication that Michael Rother neccessarily...  Read more

(created: 01/02/2001 )