New compilation out on Groenland Records features music by Michael Rother
The compilation "ELECTRI_CITY - Elektronische Musik aus Düsseldorf" featuring music of the 1970s and 80s from Düsseldorf as well as music by artists and bands often associated with the capital of North Rhine-Westfalia is out on CD (and with a limited selection of tracks also available on Vinyl ) on Groenland Records on October 13th 2014. A book in German language with the same title, written by Rüdiger Esch, will be published by Suhrkamp on October 20th 2014. The CD compilation includes "Flammende Herzen" by Michael Rother as well as tracks by NEU!, La Duesseldorf, Harmonia & Eno, DAF, Der Plan, Die Krupps, Wolfgang Riechmann and many more.

(created: 08/10/2014 )

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