Michael Rother at the Red Bull Music Academy, Tokyo 2014
On October 22nd 2014 Michael Rother participated at the Red Bull Music Academy, Tokyo 2014, Japan, where he was interviewed by Hanna Bächer in front of the participants of the RBMA Tokyo 2014. The "Lecture" focussed on Michael Rother´s time as a member of Kraftwerk in 1971, his subsequent collaborative band projects NEU! (with Klaus Dinger) and Harmonia (with Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Moebius) and on his work as a solo artist.

A selection of clips from the Lecture and comments by RBMA are available here: "Michael Rother / Brave NEU World / 2014 RBMA Tokyo Lecture Highlights".

Photo by Yusaku Aoki @ Red Bull Music Academy Tokyo 2014

(created: 06/11/2014 )

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