Michael Rother live in China / Update
For his first ever live performances in China, Michael Rother will come to Beijing and Shanghai in December 2014 and present the music of NEU! and Harmonia as well as selected solo works. He will be accompanied by Hans Lampe (drums) and Franz Bargmann (guitar). The offical invitation by "VICE China":

VICE China´s annual party 2014. The World Is Sinking, We Are Celebrating! Michael Rother will play both Beijing (Dec 11 at Tango 3rd Floor) and Shanghai (Dec 13 at Mao Livehouse), joined by Russian group Messer Chups, as well as local up-and-comers including Heat Mark, Run Run Run, Hua Lun, and The Psyders. RSVP for free entry. Door opens at 8pm.

Chinese media on the upcoming concerts of Michael Rother in China:

The Beijinger.com


(created: 04/12/2014 )

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