Mexico tour in October 2017 / Update
Michael Rother is coming to Mexico in October 2017 for a string of concerts in several cities where he will present tracks by NEU!, Harmonia as well as Solo Works. Hans Lampe (La Duesseldorf/drums) and Franz Bargmann (guitar) join Michael Rother on the tour. See an announcement (in Spanish) by Festival Internacional Cervantino.

Michael Rother´s tour in Mexiko in October 2017:

14 Oct - Monterrey @ French Fried
21 Oct - Mexico City, Noche Electronica Alémana-Mexicana @ Goethe Institute
22 Oct - Guadalajara, Dona Pancha Fest @ LARVA
27 Oct - San Luis Potosi @ Room Park
28 Oct - Guanajuato @ Festival Internacional Cervantino

(created: 08/10/2017 )

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