Michael Rother and The Secret Machines
On 06 July the audience at the club "Molotow" in Hamburg witnessed the first live appearance of Michael Rother with the US band "The Secret Machines". Apart from a Bob Dylan song, Michael Rother and the three members of TSM (Josh Garza, Brandon and Benjamin Curtis) performed Harmonia?s "Deluxe/Immer Wieder" and "Nowhere Again", the current single from the new album by the Secret Machines "Now Here Is Nowhere". See reviews of the band?s showcase and the special collaboration at DIE WELT and pop-frontal.de, Hamburger Morgenpost (08 July 2004) and in Eclipsed (09/2004) *** Read a review on the new album by The Secret Machines (and their collaboration with Michael Rother in Hamburg) at SPIEGEL Online (23 August 2004)

(created: 18/07/2004 )

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