Online auction supported by Michael Rother for the benefit of Nordoff/Robbins music therapy
On 16th October 2006 at 6pm CET an online auction of the project "Informatikjahr sucht den Informatikstar" will start at eBay and continue running for one week. The project?s aim is to encourage and sponsor young electronic musicians and is run by Informatikjahr - Wissenschaftsjahr 2006, Radio Motor FM, the Fraunhofer-Institut f?r Digitale Medientechnologie and Yahoo! Musik. The musical contest was held under the auspices of Michael Rother and Irmin Schmidt (of CAN). Michael Rother has donated four autographed cds (2 by NEU! and 2 copies of his latest solo album) for the online auction. All proceeds of the auction will go to the foundation Musik HILFT for the Nordoff/Robbins music therapy.

(created: 16/10/2006 )

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