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Loud And Quiet, UK, interview by Edgar Smith with Michael Rother. Online version published July 05 2010, printed issue May 2010.

WFMU, "Primavera Sound Recap": Review of the concert by "Hallogallo 2010" (Rother/Shelley/Mullan) at Primavera Sound in Barcelona. Posted on June 29, 2010.

Dazed&Confused, issue June 2010, "Michael Rother", Text by Tim Burrows.

SPIEGEL Online International: "I Wanted to Be Carried on a Wave Like a Surfer", Interview by Christoph Dallach with Michael Rother, published 08 June 2010

UNCUT Magazine (UK, June): review by John Mulvey of the NEU! vinyl box set

MOJO (UK, June): review of the NEU! vinyl box set

Q Magazine (UK, June): review of the NEU! vinyl box set

FUZZ (Sweden, May): artcile by Michael Dee about the NEU! vinyl box set, including an interview by the author with Michael Rother.

Rolling Stone Online (Germany, 29 April 2010): "Der Beat darf nicht verloren gehen" - Feature by Joachim Hentschel and video interview with Michael Rother

VISIONS (Germany, Mai): Feature by Sascha Krueger on the history of NEU! with excerpts from an interview with Michael Rother

Rolling Stone (Germany, Mai): Feature on NEU! review of the NEU! vinyl box set

MOJO (UK, Mai): "I Hear A NEU! WORLD", Article on NEU! and Michael Rother?s live project "Hallogallo 2010"

DJ Magazine (UK, Mai): "Krautrock", feature by Claire Hughes with excerpts from an interview with Michael Rother

GROOVE (Germany, Mai/Juni): "Endlose Gerade" - on the NEU! vinyl box set

The Quietus, "From Neu! To Kraftwerk: Football, Motorik And The Pulse Of Modernity" by John Duran, published January 6th, 2010.

TAZ. "Gr?nland schreibt noch keine schwarzen Zahlen". Feature (in German) by Benjamin Weber on Gr?nland, Herbert Gr?nemeyer?s small record label that has released albums of Michael Rother?s group projects NEU!, Harmonia and Harmonia & Eno ?76. Published on 17 Dec 2009.

Style And The Family Tunes, issue 4/4 2009: "Krautrock - Kraftwerk, NEU!, Harmonia - Die Vorgeschichte eines aktuellen Nachlebens". Feature in German and English by Sami Khatib on Michael Rother?s projects und collaborations of the 70s including an interview by the author with Michael Rother und photos from his studio in Forst.

Ink19, "Michael Rother - Harmonia Convergence". Feature on the album "Tracks and Traces" by Harmonia & Eno ?76 plus a long interview by Matthew Moyer with Michael Rother. Published in December 2009.

MOJO Magazine (UK). "Tracks and Traces" by Harmonia & Brian Eno ?76 was selected by Andrew Male for MOJO?s list of "Reissues Of The Year" 2009.

SOUNDS (Germany), "Der Pionier im Spielzeugland", feature on Michael Rother?s music and his projects NEU! and Harmonia (in German) by Chris Wiesner with quotes from an interview. Published on 06 November 2009 in edition No. VII of the magazine "Sounds by Rolling Stone".

The Quietus, "Kosmische Polymath Michael Rother: Neu! Harmonia, Eno, Bowie & Making Peace With Dinger", long interview by Dr. Rock with Michael Rother. Published on 03rd November 2009.

The Quietus, news article of 2nd November 2009.

Exclaim!, "Conversations" Oct. 2009 by Brock Thiessen with Michael Rother.

Resident Advisor, review of Tracks and Traces by Todd Burns, published on 23 Sep 2009.

BLURT Online, a review of the album Tracks and Traces by Wilson neate, published on 25 Sep 2009.

Telegraph, a review of the album Tracks and Traces by Peter Culshaw, published on 16 Sep 2009.

The Line of Best Fit, a review of Tracs and Traces by Matt Poacher, published on 24 Sep 2009.

Drowned in Sound, eine Besprechung des Albums Tracks and Traces, a review of Tracs and Traces by Alexander Tudor, published on 18 Sep 2009.

Euro-Rock Press (Japan, vol.42 - in Japanese), interview by Keiko Sakurai with Michael Rother following the release of the albums "Flammende Herzen", "Sterntaler", "Katzenmusik" and "Fernwarme" in Japan with Marquee Inc..

BLURT Online. An exclusive interview (in 2 parts) with Michael Rother by Wilson Neate, published on 17 September 2009.

CLASH Music, "Personality Clash", Harmonia Vs Fujiya and Miyagi. Michael Rother and David Best talk about music and their projects Harmonia and Fujiya and Miyagi.

"Michael Rother: Hearts on Fire", an interview of August 2009 by John Payne with Michael Rother for

BLURT Online by Fred Mills about an interview with Michael Rother about NEU!.

Exclaim, long interview by Brock Thiessen with Michael Rother on his current projects and coming releases.

UNCUT Magazine, UK, Oct. 2009: "My Life in Music" with Michael Rother and a review of the album Tracks and Traces by Harmonia & Eno ?76.

MOJO Magazine, The Wire, Record Collector (all UK, Sep. 2009): reviews of the album Tracks and Traces by Harmonia & Eno ?76

RAVE Magazine (Australia), 10th August 2009, interview by Matt Thrower with Michael Rother on his current projects and the compilation "Brand NEU!".

Pioniere aus Duesseldorf, article in German written by Tim Caspar Boehme and published in TAZ on 28th July 2009.

dB Magazine (Australien). Written by Patrick Lang. Article about Michael Rother and the compilation "Brand NEU!" and featuring excerpts from an interview by the author with Michael Rother. Published in dB Magazine, Australia, # 471 of 14th July 2009.

The Quietus. Ben Hewitt writes about the new album "Three Fact Fader" by the Engineers. For their track "Clean Coloured Wire" the British band used a sample of Harmonia?s track "Watussi" from the album "Musik von Harmonia". Brock Thiessen writes about the rerelease of the album "Tracks and Traces" from the 1976 collaboration of Harmonia with Brian Eno which will be out in September 2009 on Groenland Records.

1LIVE. Article (in German) by Frank Karch about the compilation "Brand NEU!" with excerpts from his interview with Michael Rother.

The Review of the compilation "Brand NEU!" by Nat Salvo, 26 June 2009.

The Ultimate Krautrock Playlist - In The NME Office by Nathaniel Cramp (27th May 2009)

"The In Kraut", an article on NEU!, written by Nathaniel Cramp with excerpts taken from an interview by the author with Michael Rother and published in NME (New Musical Express U.K., issue of 29 May 2009).

"Auch Oasis ehren NEU! - die Paten aus Deutschland". The article written by Markus Wesselmann (in German) on the compilation "Brand NEU! was published in Der Tagesspiegel on 24 May 2009 and features quotes from an recent interview by the author with Michael Rother.

The Guardian - Music Weekly of 15 May 2009 by Paul MacInnes and Rosie Swash. The podcast features interviews by Rosie Swash with Jarvis Cocker and Michael Rother.

"Hofknicks vor den Krautrock-K?nigen", an article (in German) on NEU! and the compilation "Brand NEU!", written by Christoph Dallach and published on 15 May 2009 in SPIEGEL Online.

Q Magazine (UK), issue June 2009: "How To Buy: Krautrock". Article and recommendations by Richard Harris.

"Musical tribute to krautrock band NEU!" , an article by Richard Clayton published on 10 May 2009 in Times Online on behalf of the release of the compilation "Brand NEU!" and featuring excerpts from an interview with Michael Rother. Some of the musicians who feel inspired by NEU! and who have contributed tracks to the album explain their views on NEU!.

The Independent, review on the compilation "Brand NEU!" of 02 May 2009 by Andy Gill.

"Kraut Of This World", published in AU Magazine, Northern Ireland, (issue #56, June 2009) and written by Chris Jones. The article on Krautrock features excerpts from a new interview with Michael Rother. Musicians and bands who feel influenced by NEU! (i.e. Faris Badwan/The Horrors, David Holmes, Benjamin Power/Fuck Buttons and David Best/Fujiya & Miyagi) give comments on the question why the experimental music from Germany of the early 70s still inspires them today.

Michael Rother talks about his projects NEU! and Harmonia in an interview conducted by Michael Kucyk for the first issue of Mountain Fold Music Magazine, Australia, published in April 2009 and featuring new photos of Michael Rother by Stefan Marx. More information at TwoThousand.

"Krautrock". An eight page long feature on NEU!, Harmonia and other experimental German bands of the early 70s. Written by John Doran and published in Record Collector in February 2009. The article also features parts of an interview by the author with Michael Rother.

Selected reviews on ATP Australia and on Harmonia?s concerts of January 2009 in down under:
DiS (Drowned in Sound), by Rebecca Pellman on ATP Australia
Rave Magazine, by Andrew Tuttle on Harmonia?s concert in Brisbane
Rhythms, by Brian Wise on ATP Mt Buller
Gee muses, by Mike Gee on ATP Australia.

"Harmonia down under 34 years later", posted on 30th Nov. 2008 by Stephen Walker in "The Age Blogs: Noise Pollution" on NEU! and Harmonia.

"Michael Rother" (November 2008). Long interview by Tres Warren with Michael Rother published in Vice Magazine.

"Catching Up With the Krautrock Pioneer". An interview with Michael Rother by Brandon Ginsburg for, published October 10, 2008.

For links to more articles and interviews in German on the Michael Rother website please see here.

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