2008 - Interviews and features on Michael Rother and his projects
„Discovering Krautrock – in Germany“. An article on German music from the late 60s and early 70s written by Dave Graham for Reuters. The article features statements by Michael Rother from an interview in Berlin on 21st August 2008. /// Wonderland Magazine, UK, August 2008: "Unsung Hero" by Ben Cobb. An eight-page feature on NEU! paying tribute to Klaus Dinger and featuring an interview with Michael Rother as well as a previously unpublished photo of NEU! from 2000. /// Read reviews on the Supersonic festival and Harmonia?s concert at 4Talent (by Stuart Fowkes) and DiS / Drowned in Sound (by Mike Diver). /// A review on the Pitchfork ATP festival, UK, 11th May 2008 (incl. Harmonia?s concert) Echoes and Dust. /// A review of Harmonia?s concert at Ether 08, London, UK, 18th April 2008: Kitten Painting. ///
"Listening in: Michael Rother of Harmonia, NEU! and Kraftwerk podcast": Interview by John Doran, May 15th 2008, for The Quietus. /// „I always wanted to be different“: (Michael Rother), by Matt Bolton, May 9th, 2008, for The Guardian. /// Stop Smiling Magazine: "Michael Rother Redux", by Andy Beta, April 28th, 2008. /// Popboks: "Michael Rother - Kraftwerk, NEU!, Harmonia". Serbian translation of the interview by Christoph Braun for Groove Magazin, April 05th, 2008. /// The Wire (UK), April 2008. An interview with Michael Rother by Mike Barnes in the series "Invisible Jukebox". The track "Aroma Club B3" from Michael Rother?s album "Remember [The Great Adventure]" can be downloaded at The Wire - Web Exclusive /// Groove (D), March/April 2008: "Der Blues musste gel?scht werden". Interview with Michael Rother by Christoph Braun. /// Plan B (UK), February 2008: "Kosmische outriders". Feature by Mark Pilkington on Cluster and Harmonia. /// Mojo (UK), February 2008: "Rock die haus". Review by Andrew Perry of the Harmonia concert at the Worldtronics festival in Berlin.

(created: 01/09/2008 )

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