"Brand NEU!" - Tribute Album featuring a track by Michael Rother
On 25 May 2009 Feraltone, the new label of former Gronland Records MD Ren? Renner, will release a compilation called "Brand NEU!". International artists and bands pay tribute to NEU! and thank Michael Rother and Klaus Dinger for inspiration by contributing tracks. For tracklisting, quotes by the participating artists and more information i.e.: The Quietus and Twistedear.

Michael Rother is participating with the track "Neutronics 98 (A Tribute to Conny Plank)" which is his tribute to the legendary sound engineer and co-producer of the three classic NEU! albums.

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SPIEGEL Online (in German): "Hofknicks vor den Krautrock-K?nigen", by Christoph Dallach, 15 May 2009.

The Guardian, Music Weekly by Paul MacInnes and Rosie Swash.

The Guardian / Music Weekly podcast of 15 May 2009, with an interview by Rosie Swash with Michael Rother.

Times Online: "Musical tribute to krautrock band NEU!", by Richard Clayton, 10 May 2009.

The Independent, review of 02 May 2009 by Andy Gill.

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(created: 16/05/2009 )

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